One of the best articles of the year

Twitter isn’t dying because people over 50 aren’t using it, My inference from his poorly constructed sentence is that people over 50 don’t use Twitter, and it’s still doing fine. What’s hilarious is that a large financial institution in London hired a savvy 16-year-old to teach them about “social media.” The kid never used a cell phone to call his male friends, he communicated with them through gaming devices. The cell phone was just for girls, because about 1 in 10 gamers were girls, so there was no other way to communicate with girls except by cell phone.
He told them which telephones teens buy and why.
Among the kid’s others remarks was that Twitter was pretty much a joke. No one he knew used it. It was for “old people.” The kid specified that meant “over 20”. So sounds like our blogger who authored “one of the best articles of the year” is under 50 and over 20. And he’ out of touch with the younger generation. Much to his surprise. Way to deconstruct one sentence and pronounce the entire article bunk as a result Classic Safron. “You’re thinking too much. Just have fun.” — Bennie “The Jet” Rodriguez in Sandlot Well, now that you mention it… …it’s apparent from the piece the he really does care. He wouldn’t have bothered to write it if he didn’t care, but even if you don’t buy that it’s clear that he’s got a little chip on his shoulder. Past that, the piece is narrow-minded and presumptuous, and stratifies generations. If the writer knew anything about the history of baseball and baseball writers, he would know that these writers he pretends to not malign explored in detail aspects such as on-base percentage not only before the Internet, but before any of our fathers – and in some cases grandfathers – were born. Bill James wasn’t the first to focus on “sabrmatics,” he was the first to make a living off of it. Good baseball writers were going beyond batting average back in 1911. It didn’t catch on with the masses. People apparently weren’t in the mood for much alternative analysis back then. But I can see why you would like it. He’s got your point of view, he’s just more subtle and polite about it. And his thoughts are original. Recent studies indicate that people over 50 don’t like Twitter.
That’s all that reference was about. And you can’t deny the great enmity between beat writers and bloggers. Exhibit A is Patrick Reusse, who only stopped making a big public fuss about bloggers when he became one.

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